The Grumpy Guy BJJ Podcast was started more as an excuse to get together and talk about different stuff each week and hopefully share some insights with others who share our passion for improvement both on and off the mats.

Rob Eickhoff is a black belt who has been training BJJ since 2004. He is also a former CrossFit trainer who’s constant tinkering with his own training and nutrition has given him some unique insights into optimizing your training.

James Wilson is a purple belt who has been training BJJ since 2012. He is a strength coach who specialized in mountain bikers for 12 years before switching his focus to BJJ. His experience includes working with several international level riders as well as hundreds of people through his training facility, where he worked with a wide variety of clients.

Join us each week as talk about BJJ and a bunch of different stuff…that we may not necessarily be qualified to talk about.